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Life Lessons learned by Aunt TiTi

April 16, 2018 - Tiffany Larson
In February, my nephew turned three. This has been my first run at being an aunt. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of his life. We sing together, take turns reading together, watch cartoons together, and even dress up as superheroes together. Not having children of my own, I never knew how much love I had in my heart for one little human being. I've gotten so many blessings from being "Aunt TiTi." Every minute I spend with him I learn something new. This amazing kid has filled my life with so much happiness. While doing so, he has also shared a few life lessons. 1. Be Courageous... Dress up as superheroes, sing out loud, and dance when you feel like it. Embrace life and all it has to offer with open arms. Toddlers don't spend time being self-conscious. They have minimal worries about how they look or what they wear. They don't mind being silly. We as adults need to do a better job of not holding ourselves back. We need to embrace our own individual uniqueness, and find ways to minimize being "our own worst enemies". We need to worry less, and enjoy life more. This includes finding time to for even the "little things." 2. Each day is a fresh slate... We make mistakes and have bumps in the road. As adults, we let these consume us. We struggle to let go, and we hold grudges. We can learn a lot from toddlers. They fall and get right back up again. They shake off those spills and tumbles. It is a reminder that each day brings on a new day filled with new possibilities. It is a fresh start to make new friends and learn something new. The littles don't worry about what happened the day before, and they don't let the baggage from the day before weigh them down. They start each new day with a fresh slate. 3. Be creative... Try new things, build forts, paint, and color. Losing yourself in a project is not only fun, it can be good for you. As adults we let "adulting" run us. I find myself constantly on the go, with professional and personal life responsibilities. Since little man came along, I have made an effort to find more time to sit and color, paint a bit, play solitaire, and practice a wee-bit of self-care. It is amazing how much a little coloring with a three-nager can help sooth the soul. 4. Laugh more... I spend my time observing my nephew finding joy in the littlest of things. His laugh is infectious. I tell him silly jokes, and he giggles. For those that may be unaware, my laugh is a mix between a hyena and Woody the Woodpecker. Sometimes I find my nephew trying to copy it. It makes me laugh even harder. We make silly faces with the filters on SnapChat, and then we belly laugh about them. This laughter shared helps boost my positivity. My tip, find ways to spread laughter like confetti. 5. Get Active... I am far from being in shape, and I have an unhealthy relationship with food. My busy schedule makes it a tad bit tricky to get a workout in. However, since my nephew was born I have found myself getting a bit more active. We play hide-and-go- seek, go on butterfly hunts at Nana and Papas, run (okay, more like a light jog) until we are out of breathe, and more. This three-year-old has a ton of energy. When we are together we are burning it off. Life lesson, hanging with a toddler is a work-out. 6. Connections Matter... It astonishes me how quickly children can make friends. I love hearing my nephew talk about his "school" friends. I love seeing him play with his cousins. The connections we build while we are young, help to build life-long friendships later. I have been a hermit for the last few years. I need to find more time to build memories with friends and family, old and new. After finding out that I was going to be an Aunt, I wanted to be my best possible self, so that I could be a positive influence for my nephew. Throughout these three years, I have realized that he is teaching me just as much as I am teaching him. I can't wait to see what other life lessons we learn together in our fun-filled adventures.


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