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Business Spotlight

Dinsdale Motors

December 4, 2014

With Owner Brady Eekhoff

and Office Manager and Salesperson Deb Tinker.

When and why did your business start?

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- Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Jim Krajewski
Brady Eekhoff, left, owner of Dinsdale Motors, shakes hands with Matt Shannon after he purchased a Ford F-150 from the Webster City business.

Deb: "The business started in 1995 and it started out at Gary Dinsdale's farm. They were out there for two years, and then they bought this building. Then, they opened a satellite place in Eagle Grove and that's where I started working for them. Then, I came back here. Brady worked for us in high school, went to Iowa State, and came back in 2011."

Brady: "It'll be three years in November that I've owned it."

What makes your business unique?

Brady: "We don't have a franchise name so we can sell any type of vehicle. We can go across the board from Ford to BMW to a Geo if you wanted. It can be any manufacturing brand at all."

What do your customers say they like about your business?

Deb: "The stress free environment. No hassles. We won't pressure you into anything. When we give you a price, you know it's not going to come down $3,000 because we're giving you the price that we feel and we know is a fair price for both us and the buyer."

What surprises customers about your business?

Deb: "I think one thing that people are surprised with is how quickly we can get deals done. You come in, you say you like the car, and I can have you out in 15 minutes. It's not like the stories of people who go to a dealership and are there for three to eight hours waiting for stuff to get done. We try to be as efficient as we can be."

Brady: "And we try to be fair across the board."

What are you most proud of about your business?

Brady: "Everybody said that Webster City wasn't going to thrive anymore after Electrolux left and I came in right at that kind of time. I just knew people are going to have to have cars and it's holding strong in this town. Everybody said I was crazy and we've been rolling for three years now. In fact its been picking up. It's busier now than its been for a long time. Things have been great."

Deb: "I'm proud of the inventory that we have and our return customers. I think that says a lot for Dinsdale Motors. We're proud of the vehicles that we put out there."



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