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A passion for play

Mark Glascock carries enthusiasm for recreation from his childhood to his career

December 4, 2014
Jim Krajewski ( ,

As summer slowly turns to fall, Mark Glascock takes part in an activity which he's loved for decades.

Born in Cedar Falls, Glascock moved to Webster City at a very young age. As a child, he loved to run around local parks with his friends playing flag football. It was one of many activities he attended that was hosted by Fuller Hall Recreation Center. Glascock said he took up every opportunity to get out and play.

"I pretty much did everything they had," Glascock said. "Really, back then when we did it, that was really all that was going on for activities."

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Mark Glascock works with young people during a flag football game.

Now an adult, Glascock helps bring that enjoyment of sports and activities to local children. On the first day of flag football this year, the recreation technician helped pass out jerseys and served as a referee for several games. It was a hectic scene as children asked him questions and fumbled with their equipment. Still, Glascock said he enjoyed every minute of it.

"I still kind of have that same fun feeling as I did when I first coached it," Glascck said.

Through various capacities, Glascock has been a familiar face at Fuller Hall for decades. After graduating from Webster City High School in 1980, he began attending Iowa Central Community College. Glascock found part-time work at Fuller Hall while in college. His first duties included coaching flag football and basketball teams. Additionally, he supervised Fuller Hall at night and on weekends. While working there, Glascock said he developed a deeper appreciation of the facility he worked at.

"It's unique for a town our size to have something like this. We're a lucky town to have something like this," Glascock said.

He completed his schooling at ICCC and then went to the University of Northern Iowa. He received a degree in physical education and got his coaching endorsement. Glascock said his goal was to become a teacher and coach. However, he said it was difficult to find a job in the 1980's, especially in the area. During and after a brief time of substitute teaching which included coaching at Stratford schools, Glascock again worked part-time at Fuller Hall.

After about a decade of work at Fuller Hall, a full-time position opened up. Glascock was accepted to the position in the early 1990's. He's continued to work in many of the same capacities ever since. In addition to coaching youth programs such as track, baseball, flag football and others, he also helps with adult programs. That includes volleyball, basketball and slow-pitch softball.

Another one of Glascock's passions is track. In the early 1990's, Glascock served as the assistant track coach for Tony Bussen. He had to leave the position when he was brought on full-time at Fuller Hall. Still, he didn't let his passion go.

Glascock now coaches a youth track program through Fuller Hall every spring. He said it's a very successful program. In the past, Glascock said kids in the program have done very well in the state Hershey Track Meet. That annual meet was recently cancelled, but Glascock said the youth track program will continue on as he looks for another large event for participants to compete in.

It might seem difficult to keep up with groups of active children every day. Even as Glascock gets older, he said he barely feels it when he's out coaching, acting as a referee or just looking out for kids at the recreation center.

"I think when you're around the kids you stay young and you feel young. They give you that energy that keeps you going," Glascock said.

Still, Glascock appreciates some of the solitary work his job brings. Before baseball season starts, he heads down to Nokomis Park with his measuring tape and line sprayer to touch up the field. He does the same at the field near Pleasant View Elementary School before flag football begins. An enjoyment of the outdoors, the pride of seeing kids and parents enjoying games and a slight reprevie from the loud sounds of activity make it another part of Glascock's job that he loves.

"It's hard work, but it's quiet work and it's enjoyable to me," Glascock said. "Whatever I do, I do it because I love to do it and because I want to do it."

Having worked at Fuller Hall for decades, Glascock has seen many children pass through Fuller Hall. He said it's very rewarding to coach one generation of children, see them grow up and then bring their own children to participate in Fuller Hall activities. Looking back, Glascock said he thinks he's been a good mentor for the kids who he's coached and supervised. Even though he didn't end up in a teaching position at a school, he's still teaching children around Webster City every day.

"I guess I keep doing the right things because they keep hiring me back every year," Glascock said before laughing.

Glascock has coached and talked with many people while working at Fuller Hall. However, he said there are many people who haven't visited in a long time. He invites those people to stop by and check out everything they have to offer.

"Fuller Hall is really a great place," Glascock said.



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