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It’s that time again!

Save on back-to-school clothes shopping

August 11, 2016

* Establish a budget. Without a budget, it's easy for parents to overspend on back-to-school clothing, especially for those parents who wait until the last minute and simply buy the first things they see. Establish a budget, ideally several weeks before your child's first day of school. Having a budget in place reduces the likelihood that you will overspend, and developing the budget early helps you spread out your spending.

* Shop discount stores. If the local consignment store has already been raided, consider a discount store like Kmart or Shopco. These stores typically sell items at heavily discounted prices and often have similar inventories to mall department stores.

* Get a head start. Parents can save themselves some money by shopping early for their children's back-to-school wardrobes. Though kids may experience a growth spurt during the summer, shop for items, like socks, that they aren't likely to grow out of before the back-to-school season begins. This affords you time to comparison shop and spread out the cost of replacing your child's wardrobe instead of being hit with one big bill all at once.

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* Swap clothes with other families. Clothing swaps between families have grown increasingly popular as more and more parents look to save money on rising clothing costs for their kids. Typically, families will swap clothes, including jackets, if their kids are similar in age and one youngster has outgrown his or her clothes. If you can't find a family to swap with, visit your local community center or church to see if it has a clothing swap program.

* Shop at consignment stores. Consignment stores offer name-brand clothing at discounted prices, something parents of ever-growing youngsters can appreciate. Kids will like the name-brand gear, while Moms and Dads will enjoying not having to pay name-brand prices. A consignment store with significant inventory might sell anything from blue jeans and T-shirts to sneakers, shoes and jackets.

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