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City Scene

August 11, 2016
Brian Miller - City Councilman, Webster City ( ,

I am a very lucky guy, I have a circle of friends and family that I can call anytime that will be there for me whatever the need might be.

This group knows I would do the same for them. I know everyone has this at some level in their lives. But sometimes their need or problem becomes greater than their circle can handle. Sometimes that property that is overgrown is just someone who needs help. Or that pile of brush is someone needing a truck to haul it away. Sometimes a bad back just needs the help of a strong back. And sometimes someone who is lonely just needs someone to talk to. I have recently gotten to know a lady here in Webster City who has made me realize how rewarding it is to expand my circle. It is as easy as finding a neighbor who needs a little help with yard work. Going a little out of your way to lend a hand to someone who needs it feels good every time. When I talk to people about Webster City and explain what I love about it I always come back to it being a place you want to raise a family. We are a safe secure community where our kids can be kids without too much worry on our part. If we all try to expand our circle and lend a hand we will make this community stronger. I challenge you reading this to look for those opportunities to expand your circle. Whether it's helping a neighbor with some yard work helping someone unload their groceries or just asking them if they are ok when they look down. Taking this little extra time will make Webster City a better place to be than it already is. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities contact one of us five councilmen, any one of us can point you in the right direction.

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